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      Levels Performance Intercoolers

    Quality engineering with proven results. 


         Levels Performance is your source for custom Ecoboost intercoolers, heat exchangers and more . For several years now, we have been specializing in the design, manufacture, and testing of high performance intercoolers and turbo components. We offer several options for direct bolt on intercooler upgrades which can be found on our product page. For a comprehensive list of Focus ST, Focus RS, Fiesta ST, Ecoboost Mustang, Ecoboost F150 and other performance vehicle components please visit our products page.

         The mission of Levels Performance is to offer top-quality components at a reasonable price to enthusiasts. In comparison our competitors, you can clearly see that we offer very competitive rates without compromising in the quality of our products. We fully understand the value of delivering quality components and top-notch service and support, which has paved our way to success in automobile component manufacturing. All of our products are constructed in house using only top quality materials and parts. 

         The Focus ST and Fiesta ST factory front mount intercooler can be replaced with our custom designed intercooler, which has proven to increase efficiency greatly. It is a proven fact that with the use of our front mount intercooler, replacing the factory unit will reduce the charge air temperature by more than 50 degrees as well as allow for more power to be made safely. We offer cat back exhaust systems as well for those who demand an aggressive tone with superior performance. The factory cat back exhaust is restrictive, but our stainless steel free flowing cat back exhaust options will offer optimal performance and excellent appearance. All of our components are designed to be a direct bolt on affair with no modifications needed.

         To maximize exhaust flow we also offer Ecoboost turbo back exhaust systems. The turbo back exhaust starts with a turbo downpipe, which is attached to the outlet of the turbo. Following the downpipe, any choice of aftermarket exhaust can be fitted to complete the system. It ensures high flow from the turbo to the exhaust tip and yields unrestricted power gains. Levels performance offers unique turbo back exhaust packages, contact us for options available for your platform.

         Levels Performance is proud to offer BC Racing coilover suspension options for both the Focus ST and Fiesta ST, which ensure perfect height adjustment and the dampening adjustment, assuring excellent ride performance. BC coilover suspension kits will certainly suit your needs, whether track or street use. These suspension systems feature camber adjustable top mounts, fully threaded shock body, fully rebuildable shocks as well as adjustable dampening. BC Racing coilover suspension can also be custom ordered based on your needs with custom spring rates and valving. For all the above services, you can rely on the expert technicians at Levels Performance for advice and help with your project.


         Not only do we provide products to customers abroad, but we specialize in custom fabrication as well. Anything from custom intercooler designs, exhausts, intakes, manifolds, structural bracing etc... We do it all. Let us take your project to the next level.


                                                                                                              Levels Performance is a Veteran owned company